In the News

The Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum and its staff are frequently on Milwaukee’s radar. Here’s a sampling of some recent notice in the press.

Many Ways to Read ‘Artists’ Accordion Books’ at Villa Terrace

Mercury Courtyard named one of the eight most beautiful museum courtyards in the U.S.

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Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum opens new exhibition on March 6

Charles Allis/Villa Terrace Art Museums hire McCaw as senior curator

Wild Space collaborates with sculpture for Villa Terrace

Art in the City: Plein Air MKE outdoor painting competition begins Thursday

A Lake Michigan Wedding with Tuscan-Inspired Accents

Wallpaper moves to the foreground at Villa Terrace

A fusion of art and nature at The Villa Terrace Museum

Villa Terrace makes Roy Staab a monumental focus

Jennifer Angus’ world of insects invade Villa Terrace

Young, Shy, and Snotty: Being An Underage Music Fan

The Milwaukee you’ve been missing

The Mystery of the Germania Statue

Authors offer glimpses of some of area’s most opulent homes

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